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 Design Fees + 


Owner/Principal Design Consultant $350/hour

Senior Design Consultant $275/hour

Junior Design Consultant $225/hour

Apprentice Design Consultant $150/hour

Offerings & Prices  

We do not believe in signing our clients up for a huge design package or multiple hours - we're here, in your corner, to work for you in the way that makes the best sense in your personal situation. Whether you need us for just one hour to get you on the right track or you need us for a whole lot more, we're here for you!


The Interior Design Consultation
In your design consultation we can assist you with any and all design concerns. We will bring our paint deck, our tape measure and our expert design know how. We will leave you with a detailed recommendation sheet outlining all of our suggestions, and a plan to execute the changes. We can help you pick the perfect paint colour, assist you with furniture arranging, drapery and window coverings, surface selection, renovation advice, accessories, building and planning ideas and literally everything else!


The Furniture Consultation
We are furniture experts!  We come to your home with our tape measure, beautiful fabrics and our keen design sense to create a furniture plan that is absolutely perfect for you. We do prefer that you visit us at the Design Studio (at no charge) prior to our meeting to get a better sense of your style. Here we can chat about fabric preference, your preferred aesthetic and review seating needs.

*if you don't need an in-home furniture consultation, no problem, our design team is here to help you with your furniture purchase, in-store, anytime.

FEE $100 – fully rebated off furniture purchase


The Window Covering Consultation

Drapery changes everything! We can help you with custom blind and drapery treatments to beautifully and functionally deal with your windows. We offer Shade-o-Matic blinds and custom drapery for your home. We prefer that you visit us at the Design Studio (at no charge) prior to our meeting so that we can preview fabrics that we will bring to your in-home meeting. 

FEE $100 – fully rebated off window covering purchase

Book your consultation...

Let's do this - fill out our Interior Design Booking Form.  

Payment - for in-home interior design consultations we accept cheque, cash or cc.

Mileage fees may apply apply for areas outside our immediate service zone.

2023 –The year of your beautiful home!

Book your in-home interior design consultation - an hour will change your home!

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