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What was I Thinking?

If you are reading this while lounging on your brightly patterned avocado green sofa, you may well be asking yourself, “What was I thinking?” If you have ever muttered those words, either out loud, or quite silently to yourself, you may have been a willing victim to impulse decorating or a willing victim to jump feet first in whatever the hot new trend was at the moment

To set things straight, I love trends. I love watching what new design fabric books are next to hit my shelves. I love the new colors that the paint companies launch. I love the new twist that furniture companies will throw at a sofa or armchair. Trend watching is fascinating and so very revealing of who we are as a culture in that frozen moment of design sensibility

That frozen moment, however,

may thaw – leaving us in a puddle of ugly. A trend is just that—a trend—a potentially short-lived blast of what is new. If you are like me, and you want your hands on the latest and greatest that the design world has to offer – choose selectively and choose carefully. Choose items that are easily expendable or even easily forced in the garbage can.

I am not advocating that your home be filled with only the classics. But I am gently suggesting that you surround yourself with some great classical and easy to live with pieces and then you can sprinkle bits and pieces of whatever is trendy, into the mix. I learned quite early that I am not one that should upholster anything larger than an ottoman in a pattern. The size of an ottoman is easy enough to deal with, if after a year, I see the shortcoming of the pattern that I selected.

Larger and more expensive pieces require careful consideration. You may want to consider selecting a solid upholstery fabric for your sofas. With this great (and classical) backdrop, it invites some incredibly chic and cool pillows to rest on its arms.

Window coverings, also insist on watchful contemplation. If from your avocado sofa, you are enjoying the peach colored abstract patterned blinds, you may be in another questionable state as far as your appreciation of your interior is concerned. A safer and economically sound choice may have been a neutral tone or a tone that woks well with your window casing – something that you are not likely to change.

In your design endeavors, be careful to avoid expensive pitfalls and simply put – really bad choices. Indulge in the trends on a small scale. Sprinkle and dot, rather than flood and drown. I do hope, your, “what was I thinking?” moments are few are far between.

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